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About ELION Group

Founded in 1988, ELION Resources Group (ELION) is a UN-recognized Chinese leading company and a world leader in ecological restoration and desertification control. With its holding company, ELION Clean Energy Co., Ltd., publicly listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2000 (SHA: 600277), ELION has a total asset exceeding 100 billion RMB and over 8,000 employees as of the end of 2017, generating a total of more than 500 billion RMB of ecological wealth over the past 30 years, as evaluated by the UN Environment Programme. ELION is honored with the “Award for Remarkable Contributions to Poverty Alleviation” and the “National Environment Improvement Award” by the Chinese government, and the title of “World Dryland Champion” and the Lifetime Achievement Award as a Champion of the Earth by the UN.

Economic achievements of green ecology by ELION

UN’s ecological assessment report on Kubuqi desert by ELION Corp

30 Years

Desertification control

6353 km²

Desert afforested

11000 km²

Desertification controlled in Kubuqi desert

100000 People

Proverty reduction

36015 People

Proverty reduction since 18th Communist Party of CPC

¥500+ Billion

Create ecologic wealth

¥38 Billion

Invest in industrial fund

¥3000+ Million

Invest in charity fund

Advantages of green ecology by ELION

Green ecology

Advantage of Experience

ELION’s green projects are located in Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu and Inner Mongolia. Take ecological remediation of Kubuqi desert for example. 6,353 square kilometers of desert is afforested. More than 10,000 plants are cultivated

Green ecology

Advantage of Technology

Elion has the largest genetic resources center in northwest China. It also has More than 1000 types of rare plant seeds resistant to cold, drought,saline and alkaline, as well as 100 types of ecological industrial technologies

Green ecology

Advantage of Big Data

It can also provide cutting-edge experiences, where people can buy trees online for offline planting, and stay updated on the growing status via big data. The platform is designed to cover all places where the ecological businesses of ELION operate, to provide full support