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TREELION Foundation solves pain points in development of green economy

Standardize carbon trade

Other than professional institutes and carbon emission companies, allow more organizations to participate. Blockchain should be applied in resolving issues and promoting carbon emission trading

Build the largest global system of green digital asset system

Build the largest global system of green digital asset system to get rid of incompatible market patterns, different trading rules and price variances

Enhance liquidity of green asset

Combine digital asset and real assets to greatly enhance participation and market liquidity of green asset

Improve environmental protection

Users gain profits from green asset. Engage more social resources in green ecology investment to resolve issues like global warming

Global scale of green economy

Green economy is a more efficient,
harmonious and sustainable form economy based on people’s thinking concerning social economy and ecological environment.
The trend of green economy is becoming popular around the world, but not on a large scale.
Departments of green infrastructure are the main driving force for investment potential and sustainable development

$3.5 Trillion USD

Take carbon trading for example. Due to limited emission reduction, the global demand for carbon trading increases sharply. The World Bank expected that by 2020, total volume of carbon trading will exceed 3.5 trillion dollars

Blockchain ledger of public donation

Donation information can be searched

Conventional and digital currencies are both accepted

Donation process can be traced

Financing structure